The Story Of Tezonia

For many many years, the world of Tezonia was ruled by the three strongest houses; House Fairhaven, House Lionsmane, and House Charlemagne. House Fairhaven was the largest and most prominent house, steeped in a rich and colorful history. Its borders stretched from the craggy Eskridge Mountains in the North to the long winding banks of the Eastern shores. House Lionsmane and Charlemagne were brothers who's great ancestors discovered the Northern and Southwestern islands of Tezonia. The two houses fought for years over Minstrelwood, a parcel of land that serves as a gateway to the rest of Tezonia. The house that controlled Minstrelwood would control all the supply chains to the islands. Of course, that meant undeniable riches and power. From carefully arranged marriages to treaties, each house tried unsuccessfully to secure control of the vital land.

Fairhaven maintained its neutrality and never meddled in the squabbles between the two houses, as picking a side would undoubtedly show favor of one brother over another. It wasn't until House Lionsmane captured Stagrock Hold, a strategic territory within the province of Minstrelwood, that the struggles became more than just a meaningless quarrel. Prince Arkturas from House Lionsmane used Stagrock as an opportunity to besiege and vanquish Darthill Keep, another key passage in the Northern Eskridge Mountains which served as one of the main arteries into the Heart of Tezonia before it was razed to the ground.

Some say it was the absolute carnage that followed that caused Prince Arkturas to turn mad, but many believe he was doomed from the beginning. After hearing of the invasion into their lands, King Rainier of Fairhaven, sent the knights from the oldest of the Houses, Ravenguard, to deal with the incursion. The first set of scouts were sent back to the King in pieces; a purely barbaric act of intimidation which only heightened the rivalry.

The King sent Lord Charlemagne to face his brother Arkturas and discover the reason behind his rage. However, upon arrival at Darthill, Charlemagne was promptly arrested and locked up, and his men slaughtered. Arkturas was convinced Rainier had sent Charlemagne to kill him as an act of vengeance. For weeks, Charlemagne was tortured for his "assassination attempt" and still, no one came to his aid. With no end in sight, Charlemagne requested a trial by combat. It seemed killing Arkturas would be his only way out. Arkturas graciously granted the request, knowing full well that Charlemagne had already sustained numerous wounds and was clinging to his life.

As the duel commenced, the 5th Legion, Lionsmane's own elite company, arrived at Darthill. Lord Rupert, Commander of the 5th Legion, had been tasked with the mission to reclaim the legendary Heart of Tezonia. It had been discovered by Arkturas' scholars when they deciphered an old text found in the library of Darthill Keep. Arkturas' plan had come full circle; he didn't need to kill his brother, Charlemagne, but it was too late now. His request had been granted and Arkturas wanted Tezonia all for himself. The duel was a one sided affair, Arkturas toyed with his brother knowing he was too weak to fight back. Lord Rupert, unaware of the events leading up to this, had been told lies, and so, he stood back and watched his old friend get maimed, believing that he had indeed come to kill Artkuras. "Farewell my dear brother, I always knew one day it might end like this but, I had hoped it would never come to this . . ." - and with one final swing, Arkturas laid Charlemagne to rest. Arkturas snatched the heart from Lord Rupert’s grasp and proceeded to shatter the heart of Tezonia into a million pieces whilst bathing in the bloody glory of his fallen brother.

And Its Kingdoms

W ith the Heart of Tezonia in pieces, corruption and chaos insidiously seeped out into the world and right into Arkturas himself. He transformed into a brutish abomination, and for 13 dark years, he ravaged the lands of Tezonia, commanding his army of the damned from Darthill Keep. For 13 years, the kingdoms fought tooth and nail to restore its heart, but it always seemed too much to defeat Arkturas and his armies. Especially because every knight that fell became one with Arkturas. It wasn't until the battle for Grimhaven that Arkturas met his match.

The last members of the House of Ravenguard were pressed inside their keep. Arkturas wanted to make an example out of Duke Tartalo, the last remaining duke of the House of Ravenguard. Arkturas was overly confident as his army finally broke through the Ravenguard line. As he rode through his troops towards the frontline, he was ambushed by Lord Rupert and what was left of the 5th Legion. Caught off guard, Lord Rupert and his men made quick work on the surrounding corrupted knights. A brutal melee ensued and Arkturas cut through most of Lord Rupert’s men in return.

Exhausted and now outnumbered, Arkturas channeled what was left of his power; he was weak and needed to recharge his strength but he had to press on. Lord Rupert led the assault, and after a few angry exchanges of heavy sword blades, Arkturas gained the upper hand, but at a cost to his own strength. Not wanting to lose his grip, he shifted his stance and as he did, Rupert jolted forward catching Arkturas’ armor, inches away from his open flesh. Arkturas swiftly countered by grabbing Rupert's forearm, before being slashed himself behind the knee.

With Arkturas off-balance, he dropped to his knees sneering, "Rupert you coward! The stable boy who's finest achievement was watching his friend die by my blade, a shame your people meet the same fate," he scoffed as he spat out blood. Arkturas attempted to stand, but Rupert struck him down once more before plunging his blade deep into Arkturas' heart. "You think you can simply kill me, I am more than a mere mortal!" Arkturas jeered and shoved Lord Rupert over the ramparts. Arkturas tried to remove the blade, but it remained trapped and immovable, slowly destroying him from within. He collapsed in agony before breathing his last breath. His army fled as their chain of command collapsed, broken and defeated, with no commander to lead them.

With the death of Arkturas, the shaken kingdoms of Tezonia banded together under one shared rule as the corruption retreated back to within the confines of the Heart of Tezonia. The Order of the Round Table was formed to govern the world of Tezonia and to ensure that the Heart of Tezonia would never be broken again. Led by the stalwart leaders who sealed Arkturas' fate, the knights Of the Round are only replaced when they die. To ensure no bias within the order, a random knight is always drawn. For many, to serve the realm of Tezonia is the highest honour, while for others, it is a stark reminder of a darker past. Those who are a part of the order remain quiet and only meet when the Heart of Tezonia calls for it.

Beneath the remains of Darthill Keep houses what's left of the Heart of Tezonia. Deep within the many surreptitious chambers is an obscure throne room where the Heart of Tezonia lives. All future knights of Tezonia are specifically sworn into their orders here to feel the magnetic pull of the Heart. It was said that Arkturas could not resist the call of the Heart; he succumbed to the temptation of dark power.

Defending the realm of Tezonia has never been an easy task and over the years, many knights have answered the call; few have survived . . .

The Holy Grail is said to hold the key to restoring the Heart, and for many, it is their only quest.

Many Orders have formed, but only a few have stood the test of time.

The Heart of Tezonia wanes, and the grail remains a myth....

Current Orders of Tezonia