A knight's class is determined by the weapon in which the knight is wielding. Knights can change classes at anytime but are required to re-learn the different weapon skills each time they switch.


1-Handed Weapon + Shield

Champions are the backbone of an Order. They utilize a 1-handed weapon and small to medium sized shield. You will often find a Champion in the thick of the battle, using their shield to stun foes, they overpower their staggered opponents with a few swings of their weapon resulting in a swift victory. It is said that a Champion of an Order is the highest standing a Knight can achieve.


Dual Swords, Axes, or Hammers

Crusaders have no fear and will fight until their last breath. Dual wielding axes, blades or hammers, a Crusader feasts on the blood of their enemy. They quickly hack away slashing and forcing opponents on the defensive. A Crusader then utilizes their extra mobility to beat back the now exposed enemy and give them a righteous death. Fights don't last long when a Crusader is involved. Two Crusaders are known to be the most skilled knights in all of Tezonia.


Rune Blade

Death Knights are the rarest knight in the Kingdom of Tezonia. It is said that over 20 Death Knights were created, however only 4 are currently known in the world. Their powers are unworldly, and they raise fear in even the hardiest of foes. Once awoken, a death knight will serve the blade they are bound to. It is said that the blade is what makes a Death Knight, but to even acquire a Rune Blade is a feat within itself.


1-Handed Weapon + Tower Shield

Guardians are like Champions, but they have mastered the art of the tower shield. Guardian's makeup the stalwart defenders of an Order and excel at holding the frontline of any battle. Their mighty shield allows them to defend against any attack. Often times a Champion becomes a Guardian after a test of strength or challenge of character. The Guardian's of the past hold the secrets to the future of Tezonia.


1-handed Spear + Tower Shield

The last line of defense, a King's Guard holds their own with a tower shield and spear. Don't be fooled by their appearance. King's Guard's are quick and can let out a flurry of attacks before an opponent has time to react. Their stalwart shield protects them and anyone behind them, from damage. It is said that a loyal King's Guard can result in a long lasting kingdom, the last King's Guard to protect the King of Tezonia lies in wait for the next King to be brought forward.


2-Handed Spear, Polearm, or Halberd

Often times wealthy Knights require the help of paid Mercenaries. Mercenaries are knights trained to use spears, polearms, and halberds and are paid by the size of their weapon. Their extended reach makes them extra dangerous, plus the lack of shield allows for them to be nimble and make quick attacks against their opponent. It is said that a knight who pursues the life of a Mercenary, can make as much as a Lord of Tezonia, but only a few have been known to become famous.


2-Handed Hammer

Soldiers of the light, paladins wield their Order's hammer and utilize heavy attacks to defeat their opponents. It is said that there are 4 paladins of Tezonia who wield the powers of the elements. These paladins have supernatural powers and can utilize their enchanted hammer to boost their spellpower.


2-handed Sword or Axe

Templars are knights who devote their life to the grail. They wield the great 2-handed weapons of their Order. Often times a veteran Champion will take up a claymore or battleaxe and take on the quest for the holy grail in hopes that they can bring home the grail for their order. Templars are fierce fighters who utilize heavy attacks which stagger opponents and are known to be able to fight past the brink of death. There are a few Templars in Tezonia who hold secrets to the grail's whereabouts.