Quests, Tokens, And Knights
Oh My!

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You will always be able to play Knights of Tezonia. Owning a knight simply allows you to save your progress and earn gear rewards. Players who don't own a knight will be able to play most quests, they can also purchase quests scrolls and other perks using the $GP they earn from quests. Hopefully by completing enough quests, a non-knight owner can earn enough $GP to purchase a knight.

Current Quests

About The Project

Each knight is built within Unity, so the knights are designed from the ground up with being playable characters as the foundation. The knight you see in the scene is the same knight you will get to be playing. The goal of this project is to build a world in which more than just knights exist. This is not a quick flip, but a longterm hold. Stages of the game will not be rushed, and everything will be released in a timely manner.

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